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Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci

Introducing Meryem Arpaci;

Igniting Purpose-Driven Leaders To Game Change


Welcome to a journey where purpose meets prosperity, where fulfillment intertwines with success. I am Meryem Arpaci, your guide, your mentor, and your partner in unlocking the extraordinary within you, and your aspirations.

For me, it all began with a fifth-grade teacher who ignited a spark within me‚ÄĒa flame that burns bright to this day. Now, I pay it forward, illuminating the paths of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders like yourself.

Are you ready to transcend the ordinary, to leap into the realm of boundless possibilities? You crave not just success but a life imbued with passion, purpose, and zest. Together, we embark on a journey of quantum leaps, where wealth creation aligns seamlessly with soulful fulfillment.


The mission is clear


To empower you to blaze trails that redefine the very essence of success. Whether it is through coaching, mentoring or consulting, with unwavering support, we craft a bespoke roadmap tailored to your aspirations and dreams.

Whether you seek to elevate your existing achievements or scale new heights, our collaborative approach ensures that every step resonates with your unique vision and goals.

But the true essence of my work lies in the transformative journey we undertake together. Witnessing leaders like you undergo profound metamorphoses, witnessing the ripple effect of your¬†success radiate through¬†those you impact‚ÄĒthis is the heart of my calling.

Here, in this space of possibility, we converge. Here, we unleash the full spectrum of potential, possibilities and expand the horizons of what is achievable.


Let's ignite innovation and create the extraordinary.


With purpose and passion, 

- Meryem Arpaci

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Awards given by Luxottica - A Forbes  Top 50 Global Performers 

Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci
Meryem Arpaci

Meryem Arpaci has contributed $300 Million+ in revenue collectively for companies and client success.

Meryem Arpaci Award-Winning Leadership Coach, Mentor and Consultant

Leader Of The New Dawn Award

Meryem Arpaci received esteemed recognition for her exceptional contributions to the Luxottica Group. She was honored with the 'Top 1% Leadership' Award as part of the 'Leaders Of The New Dawn' program, selected from a pool of 6,000 candidates.

Denim Brand Of The Year

Associated with GUESS?, Inc.
Guess Jeans won Denim Brand Of The Year under Meryem Arpaci's leadership. Her region business generated $10 million that year.

Putting Customers First Award

Meryem Arpaci's creation of an award-winning customer experience program for Sunglass Hut directly contributed to the receipt of this prestigious award. Under her guidance, 6,000 team members across 300 locations in 6 countries within the Southern Hemisphere underwent comprehensive training in customer experience and sales facilitated by the leadership team. This initiative yielded impressive results, with sales in the Australian region surpassing $285 million for the year.

Region Of The Year Award

As a result of Meryem Arpaci's exceptional leadership, her region emerged as the top performer in the Australia-Asia Pacific region, earning the prestigious title of 'Region of the Year.' Her adept management in sales, people, operations, and customer experience initiatives resulted in generating over $22 million in revenue that year.

Client and Company Reviews


"Meryem Arpaci is an asset to any business she steps into, the portfolio of skills she has in her tool kit is amazing along with her people skills to lead them to success. A truly amazing People Leader."

Rich Bates - Luxottica


"Meryem Arpaci is an amazing lady, businesswoman and mentor. Her passion to help others excel and build the lives they want to live is truly exceptional. I am so glad I came across Meryem on my own personal journey!"

Shan Budesha - Entrepreneur 


"Meryem Arpaci mentored me. Her passion and ability to lead by example is inspirational. She has helped me develop my own brand and identity as a self employed business owner. Her coaching has given me the skills and confidence to succeed in the industry."

Kristi Sinclair - Leader